Cutie the Cow!

Cutie is one of the most well-known characters on Doornbosch.  She arrived on Doornbosch when she was a mere four hours old, her mother a young heifer having no milk.  She had to be bottle fed four times daily.  Her first week was spent in my dining room as it was nice and cosy.

She was then moved to a calf hutch.  (Looks like a big doghouse.)  She also got a dog jacket to help keep her warm.  Cutie was a healthy strong calf.  Her father was a Charolais, and her mother was a Bonsmara.  The caramel colour is the genes of the Charolais which are cream in colour.

She grew rapidly and once weaned off the bottle she lived with the mares and was fed every morning with the horses.  She is a lovable character who loves to amble into the yard and peek through the window to get your attention.  If the door is open, she has no problem calmy walking in and coming to find you.  She has learnt from an early age how to walk very carefully on the tiled floor so as not to slip. She has given us a healthy calf every year since she was three years old.  She has developed quite a fan club under young and old and all the guests love spending time with her.

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