Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate all the women in SA today. Solidarity and strength were shown on the 9th August 1956, when 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the legislation where black women were also being forced to carry pass books. Men were already required to carry a “travel pass”. Petitions containing more than 100 000 signatures were left at the Prime Minister’s door!
Women are major contributors in the commercial and rural agricultural sector in South Africa. They often live in remote areas and face challenging conditions. Multi-tasking is more prevalent than ever before and women are just amazing……………..taking everything in their stride and contributing more than ever before. Technology plays a huge role and with modern mobile phones and the internet, women are capable of not only raising a family, but running a farm and marketing the numerous enterprises necessary to make a farm profitable today. Many a man is fortunate to have a savvy wife to complement and partner him in a lifestyle not all would choose!