One can’t miss out on a meeting with Cutie when you visit Doornbosch. Cutie was born one wet cold winter’s morning around about 2013, to a young heifer who was totally unprepared for what had befallen her! The tiny, but strong little calf was rebuffed time and time again as it tried to drink from its reluctant mum. June the 12th is a special day, Heidi’s birthday, so we decided to bless our neighbour, who we know cannot resist any young animal, with this adorable bundle of joy! Cutie was welcomed to her new home with open arms. She was adorned with a checked dog coat to keep out the winter chills and a comfortable large doghouse filled with fresh hay, to ensure that she got her beauty sleep. She quickly became a firm favourite with all the guests. Everyone wanted to give Cutie her bottle!


Cutie has grown into a very regal golden cow, retaining the colour of her predominantly Charolais heritage. She has remained as friendly as ever over the years. She has the most placid demeanour. She receives a daily ration with the horses and joins the other cattle when it suits her. She always brings her new calf home to show Heidi and Bertie and just the other day after receiving her breakfast, she disappeared for a short while, but soon returned with a delightful red heifer, which we have named Daisy.

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