Changing Pastures

If you happen to be visiting Doornbosch when the cattle are being moved to greener pastures, you will experience some of the joys and angst involved. What looks so easy, remember we are dealing with lots of animals………. can be fraught with challenges!
First the gathering of the stock, making sure that no calves are left hidden in the grass or that clump of blue gums. Cows are very clever at hiding their newborn calves in unique places, sometimes so clever, that even they run around wildly trying to find them. We then make sure that all the stock are moved SLOWLY through the gate – no stragglers allowed. Chaos erupts if a calf is left behind as everyone knows there will be a lot of running and cursing to join up the calf with its Mum. Those of us on horseback, are given the “red flags” to slow down the traffic on the main road. Many a vehicle is yelled at for speeding by and then hooting happily. Fortunately, in the old days it was a “dirt” road, and the cattle wouldn’t slip and slide on the tar!! The horses prance and snort sensing the excitement!

Once through the gate, we are on our way. Nerves, anticipation – emotions run high! Always the chance that something would not go quite as planned. One day the neighbours offered to help, and I remember much puffing and panting as we ran behind the herd trying to keep up, every now and again dropping back to help a straggler along.
However, the joy of seeing a herd run onto fresh grass is a sight to behold. The cattle become sprightly, they leap and frolic and bellow.
Who would change this life for another?