Dogs and Farms



What would a farm be without “man’s best friend”? Doornbosch has always been home to a variety of interesting canine characters, each one lovable, interesting, and totally unique. Doornbosch dogs always greet one en masse – much barking, licking, and generally welcoming you to the farm.


Skatje, a bearded collie, and Lizel’s loyal companion was not only a wonderful intelligent guard dog but a keen herder, and the most agile and energetic dog. She accompanied us on rides delighting in everything en route. At the end of a busy day “Skattie” would be the one to help round up the hens and herd them into their coop. Fortunately, Asjas is taking her replacement duties seriously, and as well as rounding up the cattle, she is learning to round up the hens in the evening.

Wikkel, always one of my favorites, with definite “short lady syndrome”, tried her best to keep up on outrides, until she decided that it was easier to lounge in a sunny spot awaiting our return. She always delighted in visiting us when we spent time farm sitting. The first place was on our lap, just to show the other dogs that she really was special.


Patat, another Border Collie commonly referred to as the “bakkie brak”, spends her time guarding the front door of the house, when she is not on the bakkie!


Pantoffel, the friendly ambassador, just loves people and is the perfect host to all guests at Doornbosch. She smiles her way through every day, licking and welcoming all!

Pippa, Heidi’s Mum’s dog, as tiny as she was, just settled into farm life. Exhausted after all her chores, she would curl up in her bed at the end of every farming day.

Oh my…………………it is a dog’s life!


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