Cutie and the Horses

Have you ever ridden horses and been accompanied by a cow! Well, that was our experience on Doornbosch! We saddled the horses and set off on the main track away from the tack room, and up towards the dam.  It was early morning, and we were keen to get going before the day’s chores got in the way. Lo and behold, we looked behind us to see Cutie, our Charolais cow, lumbering along behind us. She soon caught up and took a keen interest in her surroundings, in fact you would have thought that she did this every day.

Cutie came to us from our neighbour’s farm. Her mother was a heifer that calved too young and wasn’t up to the demands of her tiny offspring. Despite being slightly premature, Cutie latched onto her first bottle with vigour and settled into her new home without a moment’s doubt. Heidi has a way with animals, and she welcomed Cutie into the menagerie of cats, dogs, hens and even a pig at Doornbosch. Cutie is quite independent, feeds with the horses, joins the herd of cattle when she feels like some bovine company, or wants to flirt with the bull! She has calved almost every year, and delights in introducing us to her young calves. Make sure you ask to meet her on your next visit to Doornbosch.

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