Calling all birders!

There are so many things to do – book a horse ride and enjoy seeing the game from a different perspective. Many a guest has enjoyed the thrill of cantering past a herd of Zebra or spotting the elusive Eland on horseback. You could also organise a game drive or bring your mountain bike and explore the farm and surrounding areas. Head to the nearby beaches, or just enjoy the peace and quiet of our comfortable houses. Bring your binoculars and enjoy finding our many spectacular birds. More than 300 bird species have been identified in the Overberg Wheatbelt and surrounding areas, an important bird and biodiversity area recognised by Birdlife international. Indigenous forests, the renosterveld, small areas of remnant fynbos as well as open water enhance the species diversity of the area.

The European storks are often visible in September and October as they arrive from their summer breeding grounds in Europe. Many a farmer enjoys watching them as he toils on his tractor during the hay baling season. The heavy and abundant rains this winter created an influx of waterfowl, the Yellow-billed Duck, Egyptian and Spur-winged geese, Cape Shoveler, Cape and Red-billed Teals and African Black Duck to name a few.

The African Sacred Ibis and Hamerkop are common residents seen throughout the year. If you sit quietly outside at night you can hear the Buff-spotted Flufftail calling from the vlei, an eerie long, hollow hooting sound.
You might be fortunate to spot the endangered Black Harrier flying low over tracts of fynbos. Jackal Buzzards, African fish Eagle, Steppe Buzzard and Spotted Eagle Owl are common visitors to the farm. The spectacular Denham’s Bustards population is believed to have increased in the Western Cape, and they are often seen foraging for small vertebrates, insects, and plants on the farmlands.

Many other smaller birds and “Little Brown Jobs” are common in the area and many a birder has returned to the city more knowledgeable and wiser about the birds that we have in our area. So……. don’t forget to pack your binoculars and enjoy what the country has to offer.